Everybody is a Teacher

Everybody is a Teacher happened on October 25, 2011.

Here is the blog following the day: Balancing Action and Reaction

Everybody is a Teacher will explore big questions through the facilitation style of Art of Hosting.

Everybody is a Teacher is a playful way to start the conversation about “What if” – what if schools were different? what if we challenged the system? what if we were all teachers? what if we were always learning? what if we were all engaged?

This thinking is an approach to get to the next level of ideation about how we live, learn and work within schools and how schools operate within communities. Schools are communities that we all belong to at some time or another, communities that shape our minds, inform our experiences and sometimes decide our fates. We believe everyone is a teacher; parents, students, community members, business owners – anyone who has something to share for the sake of learning.

The goals for the day are to:

  • gain perspectives from everybody on learning styles, school experiences and the future of schools
  • explore ideas of creating, learning and change
  • begin to identify ways to take action

Everybody is a Teacher welcomes everyone that is interested in education in any shape or form, we respect all perspectives.

  • students of life
  • learning explorers
  • adventurous teachers
  • spontaneous educators
  • playful investigators
  • designers
  • community workers
  • researchers

Ultimately, the gathering is the place for connecting, planning, learning and building momentum for meaningful change. This is the first of these gatherings, but certainly not the last. The Bad Kids Collective is a project of Exhibit Change. Exhibit Change is a design driven community engagement consultancy and think tank.


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